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boxes.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Implementation of block diagram expressions. Boxes are created using five main connection operations : sequential (:), parallel (,), split (<:), merge (:>), and recursive (~).

Yann Orlarey

Definition in file boxes.cpp.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "boxes.hh"
#include "ppbox.hh"
#include "prim2.hh"

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Tree boxAbstr (Tree x, Tree y)
Tree boxAccess (Tree exp, Tree id)
Tree boxAppl (Tree x, Tree y)
Tree boxButton (Tree lbl)
Tree boxCase (Tree rules)
Tree boxCheckbox (Tree lbl)
Tree boxComponent (Tree filename)
Tree boxCut ()
Tree boxEnvironment ()
Tree boxError ()
Tree boxFConst (Tree type, Tree name, Tree file)
Tree boxFFun (Tree ff)
Tree boxFVar (Tree type, Tree name, Tree file)
Tree boxHBargraph (Tree lbl, Tree min, Tree max)
Tree boxHGroup (Tree lbl, Tree x)
Tree boxHSlider (Tree lbl, Tree cur, Tree min, Tree max, Tree step)
Tree boxIdent (const char *name)
Tree boxInt (int n)
Tree boxIPar (Tree x, Tree y, Tree z)
Tree boxIProd (Tree x, Tree y, Tree z)
Tree boxISeq (Tree x, Tree y, Tree z)
Tree boxISum (Tree x, Tree y, Tree z)
Tree boxLibrary (Tree filename)
Tree boxMerge (Tree x, Tree y)
Tree boxModifLocalDef (Tree body, Tree ldef)
Tree boxNumEntry (Tree lbl, Tree cur, Tree min, Tree max, Tree step)
Tree boxPar (Tree x, Tree y)
Tree boxPatternMatcher (Automaton *a, int state, Tree env, Tree origRules, Tree revParamList)
Tree boxPatternVar (Tree id)
Tree boxPrim0 (prim0 foo)
Tree boxPrim1 (prim1 foo)
Tree boxPrim2 (prim2 foo)
Tree boxPrim3 (prim3 foo)
Tree boxPrim4 (prim4 foo)
Tree boxPrim5 (prim5 foo)
Tree boxReal (double n)
Tree boxRec (Tree x, Tree y)
Tree boxSeq (Tree x, Tree y)
Tree boxSlot (int id)
Tree boxSplit (Tree x, Tree y)
Tree boxSymbolic (Tree slot, Tree body)
Tree boxTGroup (Tree lbl, Tree x)
Tree boxVBargraph (Tree lbl, Tree min, Tree max)
Tree boxVGroup (Tree lbl, Tree x)
Tree boxVSlider (Tree lbl, Tree cur, Tree min, Tree max, Tree step)
Tree boxWire ()
Tree boxWithLocalDef (Tree body, Tree ldef)
Tree buildBoxAbstr (Tree largs, Tree body)
Tree buildBoxAppl (Tree fun, Tree revarglist)
Tree closure (Tree abstr, Tree genv, Tree vis, Tree lenv)
Tree importFile (Tree filename)
bool isBoxAbstr (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y)
bool isBoxAbstr (Tree t)
bool isBoxAccess (Tree t, Tree &exp, Tree &id)
bool isBoxAppl (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y)
bool isBoxAppl (Tree t)
bool isBoxButton (Tree s, Tree &lbl)
bool isBoxButton (Tree s)
bool isBoxCase (Tree s, Tree &rules)
bool isBoxCase (Tree s)
bool isBoxCheckbox (Tree s, Tree &lbl)
bool isBoxCheckbox (Tree s)
bool isBoxComponent (Tree s, Tree &filename)
bool isBoxCut (Tree t)
bool isBoxEnvironment (Tree s)
bool isBoxError (Tree t)
bool isBoxFConst (Tree s, Tree &type, Tree &name, Tree &file)
bool isBoxFConst (Tree s)
bool isBoxFFun (Tree s, Tree &ff)
bool isBoxFFun (Tree s)
bool isBoxFVar (Tree s, Tree &type, Tree &name, Tree &file)
bool isBoxFVar (Tree s)
bool isBoxHBargraph (Tree s, Tree &lbl, Tree &min, Tree &max)
bool isBoxHBargraph (Tree s)
bool isBoxHGroup (Tree s, Tree &lbl, Tree &x)
bool isBoxHGroup (Tree s)
bool isBoxHSlider (Tree s, Tree &lbl, Tree &cur, Tree &min, Tree &max, Tree &step)
bool isBoxHSlider (Tree s)
bool isBoxIdent (Tree t0, const char **str)
bool isBoxIdent (Tree t)
bool isBoxInt (Tree t, int *i)
bool isBoxInt (Tree t)
bool isBoxIPar (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y, Tree &z)
bool isBoxIProd (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y, Tree &z)
bool isBoxISeq (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y, Tree &z)
bool isBoxISum (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y, Tree &z)
bool isBoxLibrary (Tree s, Tree &filename)
bool isBoxMerge (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y)
bool isBoxModifLocalDef (Tree t, Tree &body, Tree &ldef)
bool isBoxNumEntry (Tree s, Tree &lbl, Tree &cur, Tree &min, Tree &max, Tree &step)
bool isBoxNumEntry (Tree s)
bool isBoxPar (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y)
bool isBoxPatternMatcher (Tree s, Automaton *&a, int &state, Tree &env, Tree &origRules, Tree &revParamList)
bool isBoxPatternMatcher (Tree s)
bool isBoxPatternVar (Tree s, Tree &id)
bool isBoxPrim0 (Tree s, prim0 *p)
bool isBoxPrim0 (Tree s)
bool isBoxPrim1 (Tree s, prim1 *p)
bool isBoxPrim1 (Tree s)
bool isBoxPrim2 (Tree s, prim2 *p)
bool isBoxPrim2 (Tree s)
bool isBoxPrim3 (Tree s, prim3 *p)
bool isBoxPrim3 (Tree s)
bool isBoxPrim4 (Tree s, prim4 *p)
bool isBoxPrim4 (Tree s)
bool isBoxPrim5 (Tree s, prim5 *p)
bool isBoxPrim5 (Tree s)
bool isBoxReal (Tree t, double *r)
bool isBoxReal (Tree t)
bool isBoxRec (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y)
bool isBoxSeq (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y)
bool isBoxSlot (Tree t, int *id)
bool isBoxSlot (Tree t)
bool isBoxSplit (Tree t, Tree &x, Tree &y)
bool isBoxSymbolic (Tree t, Tree &slot, Tree &body)
bool isBoxSymbolic (Tree t)
bool isBoxTGroup (Tree s, Tree &lbl, Tree &x)
bool isBoxTGroup (Tree s)
bool isBoxVBargraph (Tree s, Tree &lbl, Tree &min, Tree &max)
bool isBoxVBargraph (Tree s)
bool isBoxVGroup (Tree s, Tree &lbl, Tree &x)
bool isBoxVGroup (Tree s)
bool isBoxVSlider (Tree s, Tree &lbl, Tree &cur, Tree &min, Tree &max, Tree &step)
bool isBoxVSlider (Tree s)
bool isBoxWire (Tree t)
bool isBoxWithLocalDef (Tree t, Tree &body, Tree &ldef)
bool isClosure (Tree t, Tree &abstr, Tree &genv, Tree &vis, Tree &lenv)
bool isImportFile (Tree s, Tree &filename)


Sym BOXABSTR = symbol ("BoxAbstr")
Sym BOXACCESS = symbol ("BoxAccess")
Sym BOXAPPL = symbol ("BoxAppl")
Sym BOXBUTTON = symbol ("BoxButton")
Sym BOXCASE = symbol ("BoxCase")
Sym BOXCHECKBOX = symbol ("BoxCheckbox")
Sym BOXCOMPONENT = symbol ("BoxComponent")
Sym BOXCUT = symbol ("BoxCut")
Sym BOXENVIRONMENT = symbol ("BoxEnvironment")
Sym BOXERROR = symbol ("BoxError")
Sym BOXFCONST = symbol ("BoxFConst")
Sym BOXFFUN = symbol ("BoxFFun")
Sym BOXFVAR = symbol ("BoxFVar")
Sym BOXHBARGRAPH = symbol ("BoxHBargraph")
Sym BOXHGROUP = symbol ("BoxHGroup")
Sym BOXHSLIDER = symbol ("BoxHSlider")
Sym BOXIDENT = symbol ("BoxIdent")
Sym BOXIPAR = symbol ("BoxIPar")
Sym BOXIPROD = symbol ("BoxIProd")
Sym BOXISEQ = symbol ("BoxISeq")
Sym BOXISUM = symbol ("BoxISum")
Sym BOXLIBRARY = symbol ("BoxLibrary")
Sym BOXMERGE = symbol ("BoxMerge")
Sym BOXMODIFLOCALDEF = symbol ("BoxModifLocalDef")
Sym BOXNUMENTRY = symbol ("BoxNumEntry")
Sym BOXPAR = symbol ("BoxPar")
Sym BOXPATMATCHER = symbol ("BoxPatMatcher")
Sym BOXPATVAR = symbol ("BoxPatVar")
Sym BOXPRIM0 = symbol ("BoxPrim0")
Sym BOXPRIM1 = symbol ("BoxPrim1")
Sym BOXPRIM2 = symbol ("BoxPrim2")
Sym BOXPRIM3 = symbol ("BoxPrim3")
Sym BOXPRIM4 = symbol ("BoxPrim4")
Sym BOXPRIM5 = symbol ("BoxPrim5")
Sym BOXREC = symbol ("BoxRec")
Sym BOXSEQ = symbol ("BoxSeq")
Sym BOXSLOT = symbol ("BoxSlot")
Sym BOXSPLIT = symbol ("BoxSplit")
Sym BOXSYMBOLIC = symbol ("BoxSymbolic")
Sym BOXTGROUP = symbol ("BoxTGroup")
Sym BOXVBARGRAPH = symbol ("BoxVBargraph")
Sym BOXVGROUP = symbol ("BoxVGroup")
Sym BOXVSLIDER = symbol ("BoxVSlider")
Sym BOXWIRE = symbol ("BoxWire")
Sym BOXWITHLOCALDEF = symbol ("BoxWithLocalDef")
Sym CLOSURE = symbol ("Closure")
Sym IMPORTFILE = symbol ("ImportFile")

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